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How long one should use demo?

There is no such specific time. The purpose of demo is to be familiar with the trading mechanism. Another purpose of demo is to test your strategy. Stay on demo as long as you find a proven method. Define your entry, exit, risk, reward and risk management policy on demo. Once you are convinced you can go for live trading.
As long as trading skills are not developed, in my opinion, demo trading should be done. Demo trading helps a lot in enhancing the experience.
Forex trading offers high leverage by which a trader can manage bigger trade with littler capital. In the event that you are a position trader it is more astute to use low leverage like 50:1 or 100:1. Indeed leverage ends up being more hazardous when we use big lot in relation to the capital.
It's not about how many years we are trading. It's about how quick we learn from our mistakes. Even after trading for long times most traders are not discipline. They can't control their emotions. Most of the time they open trade out of greed or fear.
I believe that one should practice on demo accounts until he gets aware of the platform as well as of the market and feel confident enough to make live trades.

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