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How long have been trading in Demo Account?

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by SamForexTrader, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. I trade AAPL stocks via Hotforex CFD's, transaction costs are much cheaper than through exchange traded brokers
  2. I agree, this is a rather individual question. Personally to me, two weeks for demo were enough and then I was trading 2 months on bonus account with freshforex and polished my skills there.
  3. Sometimes i just do some practices using a demo account even though i'm involved in trading more than several years.
  4. Yes, if you have the opportunity to earn and to trade by bonus money, this is the best option for the beginner.
  5. Switched to live after several months trading demo at hotforex, but after that, I opened demo account at many brokers and I find out that demo account are same with most of broker, execept the asset list.
  6. Until now I prefer to trade with a demo account to practice good trading skills. Forex is a business that has a lot of risk, so if you want success then we need to continue to learn and practice trading well. Although we've been trading in a real account, but we still need a demo account
  7. As a beginner we can take demo account for three months. This time is enough for acquiring proper basic fundamental knowledge that is very supportive to continue a live trading in a proper way. after passing a long time I still dependable on my demo trading , I use all my trading strategies first of all in my demo account to see the performance how it works.
  8. I am trading on demo account 1 month and now i would like to try no deposit bonus from liteforex
  9. i still trade demo today, but in the past i stayed on demo for almost 6-7 months i think, i just had to be sure lol. and it felt it was not enough
  10. I think good for preparation before start on real account, don't like as me which on first time as beginner only trade in demo few day then dare to start in real account with using some bucks and you know I am get loss only three day trading already margin call account
  11. If we want to extract really something from the Forex field we should definitely trade and practice in demo throughout our trading career so that we can be updated with the knowledge
  12. Very good as preparation if we can using demo account for learning purposes, and we need seriously in demo account if want to get valuable experience when using demo account, which implemented also about risk management and money management
  13. Any trader have to trade in demo as much as possible because that can increase their confidence and the inner strength can be built so that they can be a good trader one day .
  14. Forex Trading is quite a nice business, but it requires lots of knowledge and experience and skills, to become successful in Forex.
  15. Traders have to carryout the demo trading throughout their whole life because knowledge gaining is an never ending process and for that we have to try to grab the most .
  16. Demo trading is very much important for the traders who are particularly in newcomers. But practically the newcomers don’t believe the importance of this trading place at all. In my trading career, after passing a long time I still dependable on demo account, I use my all trading strategies first of all in my demo trading to see the performance how it works.
  17. The more we can trade and practice in demo ,the more knowledge and experience can be gathered and traders can be more powerful
  18. If likely not yet ready start in real account, might because still on learning process at first time become trader, using demo account very good decision than jump to real account which need more skill, keep practice in demo account until having good confidence able manage money with profitable result
  19. There should be a common practice to each and every trader that they should have a proper practice in the demo so that the experience always grows with time and the yes the confidence level also can be seen
  20. I have seen according to my trading experience mostly traders focus on demo trading for the newcomers as a first step of trading , but I think before demo trading we the traders have to ensure MT4 or Babypips school , then it is better to kick off a demo trading with great basic knowledge but practically by and large newcomers start demo without any Fx strong basic knowledge that’s why they lost interest when trading practically.