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How do you manage your risks

I use the 1-2% Risk ratio or risk management in trading. I keep my leverage at a minimum and I stick to a trading plan. How do you manage your trading risks and keep it at minimum loss.
Discipline is the most important thing in trading. Every successful trader has this quality. If you are not discipline you will make a lot of unnecessary trades. That's why discipline is important.
I also trade by maintaining a 1: 2 risk ratio and manage the trade when the profit is 30 pips. For example, after making a profit of 30 pips, I bring it to the stop-loss entry point and do a half partial trade close.
I use many formulas to manage trades. For example, I never trade without money management and risk management. And after doing a trade, I try to manage the trade according to the journal.
I am trying managing risk with trading based correlation as hedging pair trading strategy, like as in tendencies pair like as EURUSD and EURJPY has a positive correlation, if EURUSD bullish, hence EURJPY might bullish too, but anomaly movement between both pair sometime leading order in loss floating but sometimes in positive profit, when positive profit I will cut profit, but if likely my order goes wrong, I am cut loss

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