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How do you handle market uncertainty

Discussion in 'General Trading Forum' started by Daisy, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. When our trading strategies and analysis become stronger we can make good profit in a proper way and like that handle any uncertain market situation with ease.
  2. Frankly, my money management and risk management knowledge is the main weapon in this case! I am not making here 100% success, but I can recover my losing trades so smoothly because of my MM and RM knowledge! Certainty doesn’t exist in Forex!
  3. yes the market is uncertain and for that traders have to trade with perfect strategy and plan so that they can cope with the situations properly and like that can make good pips progress.
  4. Well, my trading strategy provides me 70% accuracy! In addition, I recover my losing trades by using flexible profit ratio (minimum 1:2)! Besides, I use stop loss trading tool to avoid big losses in trading!