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Official discussion thread for Fxglory at Digital Cash Palace.

- Users can ask questions, make suggestions to improve the service, share stories (no spamming/advertising).
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more about Fxglory Broker.
I would like to trade with fxglory but I do not now enough information about this brokerage, I wonder if anyone has traded with this brokerage? What do you think about them?
Well this is true fxglory seems to be like a new broker since I have not heard of their program before maybe i will try my possible best and bookmark them for subsequent visit but i will also ask for more information from those who have use their services before
This one of the brokers who use deposit extremely low at only $ 1 we've been able to trade in the broker's prior pips little to make us not so overly concerned will suffer a great loss so that we can continue to trade on the broker without being burdened with large pips used
I usually do not open accounts in brokers that give credit and I do not like this. I saw the advertisement of FxGlory Brokerage in Fox News TV channel and I opened an account in that broker. I deposited from my German account number the amount of 76000$ and they deposited in to my account after 2 days. I asked them about having the leverage of 1:3000 but they rejected my request, and they sent me a chart that showed the leverage is changeable due to the amount of deposit .I opened 15 lots order on AUD and opened the same order in other broker to use its swap free account of this broker. AUD/USD had a downfall and I gained 20 thousand dollar profit in FxGlory Brokerage. I withdraw this amount and transferred it to the other broker account through internet banking to continue my way. The interesting point for me is the swap free accounts of this broker that cause the loss for the broker but the Islamic brokers do this because of their religious beliefs (this is not bad for us)

I opened an account with the insistence of my friend in FxGlory Brokerage, and I wanted to deposit by PayPal but they didn’t have that. I wanted to use my visa card for depositing so I was forced to open MoneyBookers account. After using of it, I notice that it is good and useful for me. I didn’t deposit a large amount but I gained a good profit around 45000$ and I requested for withdrawal through Moneybookers which my request was rejected and they wanted me to withdraw my money through the bank and I did so. After 4 days, the amount of 30$ fees deducted and I received my money .I asked about the reason of the fraction from the broker , they told me The fees deducted from bank specifying the exact amount of $ 45,050 to $ 45,000 to send the money to me. It was interesting to me that the broker has covered the fee. Is there any of Friends who share the experience of over one hundred thousand dollars money in to this broker? Please write
Second FXGlory Contest

In second time FxGlory brokerage manifests itself like a sponsor of FXMIM contest. Everyone can participate and win in this contest easily.

one of the great advantages of this contest is having 20 winners, which increase the participant’s hope for being among one of the top ranking,

and other is ,all the prizes are in cash and are withdraw-able at the end of the contest without any limitation;

Also all accounts are real cent accounts and clients must deposit at least 1$ for starting the contest.
after the contest all accounts will convert to dollar accounts and clients can withdraw their balances.

Contest Prizes:

1st : 20,000$
2nd : 10,000$
3rd : 5,000$
4th : 3000$
5th : 1000$
6th 600$
7th to 20th winner prize is 100$
Registration Time: 10th to 30th November
Contest Time: 3rd to 8th December
Contest Rules: Click Here
For more information visit: FxMIM Company | World Forex Championship and Best Forex Services
I have 50 dollars capital in here. I thought I was trading in mini account. Only to find out that I'm trading in lite account with 5 digit decimals. Now I'm pin down. I really need to have at least 500 dollars in here if I want to maintain my account. That's why I have no choice but to just keep on holding my account until I reach 500 dollars worth of capital in here.
Darn. the forum that I'm posting that I earn 50 dollars has stop operating. I don't know what will going to happen to my account as I really cant' survive with just 50 dollars in here. I need at least 500 dollars in here if I really want to be successful or has earning chance in here. Anyway I'm hoping that the forum that fxglory sponsored will comeback and be a paying forum again.
My 50 dollars got MC. But that's okay. I don't count this 50 dollars as starting earning anyway. The forum that I earn 50 dollars last time I check already stop the promo and that's why I don't try to take this broker site seriously. And the worse part in here is that since its a lite account 50 dollars is hard to earn.
thank you

it's very nice URL that you have shared over here...I have visited your suggested website and found it's really great to me.

thanks a lot!
I am in the company into more than 100 U.S. dollars, earned $ 500, he had no reason to cancel my profits, which the company is no strength
I'm just wondering if they have some official statement now that LR is gone. I do hope that this site will and can recover since this site is really one of the site that I joined and trade. Although after I got mc in here I did not comeback I still do have plans to return once I make some profit in my other broker sites.