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Forex is an easy source to earn money ?

I would like to ask that forex is not so easy to make money but still we can make good money with money managment. So it is important to learn money management and start making money.
If trading education can be acquired then trading will be easy. But if we try to make a profit without acquiring trading education, then money cannot be made.
Forex trading will be much easier if knowledge can be acquired. But if I am trading without learning anything, then Forex trading will be very difficult for me.
No, forex is not an easy source for income. Successful forex trading needs a lot of knowledge and experience. And it takes years of study and experiments to reach that level.
I have seen many of us especially the newcomers don’t believe the importance of demo trading, but this is the master place to lean basic fundamental live trading knowledge which is very supportive to continue a live account in a proper way. My trading career I always use all my trading techniques in demo account to see the performance how it works.
We have easy access to forex trading. It doesn't mean it's easy to make money here. Trading is one of the toughest jobs. Here traders have to struggle with their own emotions.
The most important think is the broker in Fx trading, because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly. for leading a healthy and secure trading life we the traders have to choose the broker which for all time make sure secure environment for trading . Actually the most credible trading for all time ensures security of funds at any kinds of investments with a wide range of trading technologies.

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