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Forex has high job satisfaction or less

of course! Forex trading is much better than others profession. Because there is no limitation to earn money. So people can earn huge money than others job or any kind of business. I see many traders who leave their old profession for Forex trading. So Forex trading is best profession in the world.
Sure and most especially, when you are trading with good capital. At least, a trader who wants to make money from Forex would have somewhat good trading capital which will help him to make something good out of Forex. It really works out for those who work hard for it and with a combination of good investment, you end up making good profit.
Every aspect of life has its advantages and disadvantages forex being no exception.Forex is good because you can trade forex from any part of the world with little amount of investment as your capital at your own convenient time.Forex is free from scams meaning that your capital is safe if you open a trading account with a trusted broker and you can easily monitor your progress and account balance on your trading platform.The bad side of forex is the risky nature of forex,you can lose your investments within a short period of time if you lack the knowledge and skill of trading.
It depends upon your trading results, if your trading results are good then Job satisfaction is High and if you are facing some losses then the Job satisfaction is really low because it all depends upon the individuals what they think.
Talking about satisfaction this all is depend on the trader, i for sure will see forex as job with high satisfaction because i myself earn well in this business even still considered to be small, but some people who loss will think forex as less satisfaction job.
@ChoKyuLate but it does not mean that forex is a high job satisfaction instantly, you forget to count of how much traders that lose their money and someone who already quit from this high risk business. I also don't want to say it is less satisfaction jobs because i see plenty of them that earn well and love this thing.
Job satisfaction is a mental state. For whatever length of time that our complete self is associated with a calling, we won't think that its tedious. Indeed that is the motivation behind why youngsters can play even under hot sun where as senior citizens can't. For whatever length of time that we appreciate a calling, we will have satisfaction. The moment we lose intrigue, even the most straightforward work will be chafing. Since we as a whole have a liking towards theory, we appreciate trading regardless of the possibility that we lose on occasion. The achievement lies in changing over this satisfaction as primary wellspring of wage in the long haul. That will demonstrate gainful both rationally and monetarily.
It’s not easy to take Forex trading business as a main source of income! Because, it’s very challenging profession! I think traders should take this profession as their main job if they are successful in their demo otherwise not!
There are so many trader get fail in forex business, might we often hear more than 90% trader fail on forex and only 5% trader survive and really making money consistently, but if we want to become small portion as profitable trader we must keep motivated to learn
Nice to know your experience on that issue! Yes, same experience here too. Although, my 1st 2 years trading experience was too messy; so many ups and downs! By the way, I have never lost my trading interest and keep digging my trading skill and now I am very much hopeful about my success.
To be financially free is one of the greatest gifts that forex can offer. It offers you a flexible lifestyle and slots when you wish to work.

High-job satisfaction depends on if you enjoy trading, and as a trader, if it makes you happy and pays your bills, then it is a very rewarding job.
There is a lot of profit to be made in Forex trading. If I want to trade, I have to do money management and risk management. And a lot of satisfaction can be achieved.
It depends on how successful one is in trading. There is no actual data that how much percentage is gainer in Forex trading. But most people are loser in the market.
Forex trading is a flexible market, available five times a week, and gives ample opportunities if you know how it works.

Personally, forex has been a great way of acquiring high job satisfaction because of the benefits it can provide—financial freedom, no commuting, and no bosses.

However, it can be stressful if you’re not doing well, which is also the case of any other job.
Feelings of satisfaction are complex. You get more pleasure from earning more money. I am not yet in milk. I have not earned anything yet, only lost in this business. Right now I am working really hard. In order to become a successful trader, I need knowledge and experience. Once you develop these qualities, you will begin trading on your own.The more you learn, the more you earn. I am hoping to become a very successful trader in the near future.
It depends on how much you dedicate time for trading. A trader can have a full-time job and make an income from forex trading as well. Many traders work part-time as they battle to balance their other daily responsibilities with trading forex.