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Different traders use different indicators

Discussion in 'General Trading Forum' started by Anderson, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Anderson


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    Different traders use different indicators and systems. From by experience I can say that looking into what others are doing only creates confusion. If you want to be a good trader, learn how a indicator works, how to modify it. You have to find out your strength. It is all about what you understand the most.
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  3. Kevin Vogt

    Kevin Vogt

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    Yes every successful trader has his own trading system. With experience they made that system. Looking for how others are doing is not a good idea. Because everyone's mind works differently.
  4. Moralsand


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    Any indicator can become the basis for profitability.
    The main thing is to understand its mechanisms and structure well.
  5. radex78


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    The indicator only as help tool actually, not as guarantee if use indicator then will make a profit all the time, sometimes using complex indicator just make confuse how to handle all trades, but is a common thing if different trader have a different indicator and this is like as the art in forex trading, we can use any kinds method even with the simple way by naked chart trading analysis.
  6. Cooper Truebridge

    Cooper Truebridge

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    Not everyone has the same attitude. I used to trade with a strategy that gave me a lot of profit and no one else can make a profit using the same strategy. This is called mentality. There are many indicators in the Forex market that traders can use to make a lot of profit.