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Currencies exchange pairs.

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by LorrainMor, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. LorrainMor


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    Forex analysis is the investigation of deciding if to buy, sell, or look out for trading a currency pair. Currencies exchange pairs, with the exchange rates, depending on the price of one currency relative to the next. Major kinds of analysis incorporate technical and fundamental, with assumption and factual analysis possibly being utilized by both technical and fundamental investigators/traders. Most forex trading happens in pairs including a bunch of currencies.
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  3. Tom Latham

    Tom Latham

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    In my trading I have no interest on exotic trading pairs; I am happy on the right popular major currencies!
  4. Lee Mark

    Lee Mark

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    Interestingly now I am also using crypto pairs; although the trading spread is relatively high but I am happy on the output! Even, nowadays I am using BTCUSD as like my major pairs!
  5. ZhoGorisar


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    People still prefer to work with something like USD/EUR and that's really it no matter how you do put that. So please be prepared on that matter with you. I highlly doubt you can even make something other, I mean where the money is on that matter anyway.
  6. Gito Dinev

    Gito Dinev

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    There are lot of trading pair in forex market. However, one or two pair is enough to make well profit from forex market. I prefer major pair to trade in forex market.