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Best Processes for Trader

there is no way to ignore the importance of demo , but we are not serious when trading , because no real money there is and no emotions for that reason.
Forex market doesnt know your age , attitude and personality , this market need your knowledge and experience , if you have okay everything , if not much problems there is.
discipline not only a human habit it also a character ,
to be experienced in discipline we have to be mentally strong first of all, otherwise no way to maintain
Forex traders who think always its easy money-making process, at the end of the day be a loser. its not a place to make money easily within rapidly, its all about making good knowledge and experience. take it or leave it. decisions is yours. thanks
if you think only learning can safe you when trading , its completly wrong , you have to ensure regular practice session besdies this .
generally demo is the first basic after finishing pre school level , but we traders don't believe the importance of demo at all and trade here at random for all time, that's why sometimes i prefer micro account instead of demo after finishing baby pips school.
To treat forex a one of the main sources of income, one needs extensive skills and experience. And it takes years to come. But we should always treat it like business.
Long term trading is most ideal for a new trader as it prevents the chances of losing big money. Problem with short term trading that it makes newbie to do overtrading.