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Being too attach to trading is not advisable!

I don't see any problem if you are very much addicted to forex. I will definitely want to be so much into trading as that would make me learn a lot in forex trading. The more time you spend in trading specially if you are just a newbie the better.
A good trader will know when to trade and which trades to go into because they are doing proper analysis before just jumping in. If you are addicted to forex but still following the right trading principles and a tested out strategy then there should be no harm. The problem would be if you ignoring analysis and just going into any trades that comes by.
Hello guys. I was just talking to a friend that is currently active in forex. He started forex trading last two months and started with $1000. He talked to me just now and told me that his $1000 just go down into $78 as of this day. HE felt really bad and he was able to point out his mistakes.

According to him, being to attach to forex trading is not advisable. He said that that was his mistake. He should have just treat forex as a normal day to day activity and he should trade with less pressure, greed and the feeling of revenge.

How was his analysis guys? Give me your thoughts.

well,i can say that your friend is not a kinda person that quits that easily,but in such situation,giving a break is whats needed,as a wise person will alway try to correct his errors before moving ahead,slow but steady wins the race,so he might be one of those who are anxious to make fast money,but he should give a break and correct his errors,loos don't jsut occur something leads to it.
Continuous trading is rationally not advisable and we should give some gaps in between. This is because as human beings we cannot be correct every time and one wrong trade can destroy our capital or a major part of it. So trading when we sense any opportunity is always better than continuous trading which usually stops only when our capital is finished.
Those feelings are just regular in dealing will absolutely get connected when you are dealing with a large quantity in here.You need to have a good control in Currency trading you can't anticipate won in a business.
Getting much attached to forex trading isn't a good habit because it will make us more frustrated and fighting to make profits even when we are making no market reviews,it also makes it a boring business,there should be time for it and time to do other things.
Being attatched to any type of the business is not good. you have to spend more time and more into the things that leads to the money making and should not worry about the things that leads you to slow money earning. I would seriously consider how the money is spent there because that seems to be odd thing.
Being too attach to trading is not that good what I know is that in forex your schedule work for you sometime for real so the best option here is that we need to try our best and make sure that we cutdown the way and the time which we spend trading to avoid loss.
Being attatched to any money source is not good and we have to understand that sometimes you have to understand that things can go wrong and it would be better if we consider that people should be spending time and money on the things for making things.
Forex trading is a game of mind and if you don't play it right you can end up getting emotional and this is the main reason why so many loss money in forex trading. I think if we want to make money in forex we need to make sure that we use our mind and not our heart. And the best way to minimize loses is to learn when to close your losing position and not hold it.
certainly for those who are really able to master currency dealing their primary income is dealing whenever they want so that they will always do the business for achieving monthly objectives, but to make currency dealing as the primary job of learning takes a while and no little bit of capital and must have an positive nature to succeed in the business.
Everty thing needs to be moderate because when one is trading all the time without having a break it is not a good thing because we will be forced to trade all the time even when it is right to trade so we really need to have times when we trade and when we don't,because thats what makes up a good trader.
Getting much connected to currency dealing isn't a good addiction because it will create us more disappointed and battling to create earnings even when we are creating no industry opinions,it also creates it a tedious business,there should be here we are at it and a chance to do other things.
Being too attatched is something youo are not going to be considering for the sure. I think we have to understand this point and then that said, we are going to be having some issues as well. to make things better it would surely make sense to have the forex trading as with calm and rational mind not emotional.
too attached with currency trading is too much and at this level, maybe traders already become addicted. important to traders have target and limit their loss in particular period to overcome addicted problem and to prevent traders ignore their other activities and business.
Being attached to any cash resource is not good and we have to know that sometimes you have to know that factors can go incorrect and it would be better if we consider that people should be investing cash on the factors to make factors.
I come up with idea that traders maybe need to figuring out first in which session they will take their time to trading. it way will make traders not spend all of their day time to trading and forget other activities. balance is important to keep the trader mind and physic healthy.
Every factor needs to be average because when one is dealing all enough time without having a crack it is not a great factor because we will be compelled to business all enough time even when it is right to business so we really need to have periods when we business and when we don't,because thats what creates up a excellent investor.
I don't see any reason why its not advisable. As far as I know its not advisable to be attached to your open position as you must close your open position if you get some loses and not just hold it and hope that you can still recover. But in term of being attached to trading itself I don't see any wrong with that.

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