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Are you addicted to forex

Newcomers should focus on others inevitable part of trading besides acquiring good trading knowledge. Controlling emotions , avoid revenge trading , overtrading , money management ,RR and much more things they have to observe for avoiding unfortunate loss.
After loss trade some people do revenge trade. They become desparate to recover the loss. But revenge trade brings more loss. A trader should stick to his strategy and plan.
Basically, trading without stop loss tool means, you are taking 100% risk reward ratio in your per trade position. It looks unrealistic!
i trade most of the time do not use stop loss but only when time to scalp , for long time trading there is no way to ignore the stop loss.
Addiction to trading is quite common occurrence among traders. Most of the time they can not stay away from charts. It happens because of lack of enough knowledge and discipline.
it depends on your trading conditions. we the traders choose our trading system according to our trading knowledge and experience.
Forex is really a addiction , because so many times i losses from trading in Forex but still doing trade , really its an addiction
I think treat forex as part-time still safer than treat as full-time if still always in loss, because if relying on income from forex trading, but always loss, it will make stress, in addition already have a family, which daily necessity much higher than single.

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