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    Free Forex Signals

    The Free Forex and Crypto Signals that offering are exceptionally helpful data which can greatly support you in your trading. You will be able to find information about expected fluctuations in exchange rates of various currency pairs, and as a result, it will be much easier for you to make well...
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    Free Harmonic Patterns Indicator

    Free Harmonic Patterns is an indicator which displays up to 7 types of patterns (ABCD, bat, butterfly, gartley, shark, crab and deep crab) detected on higher timeframe charts (H1-D1). Each pattern might be turned on/off on the panel on the chart and all visual elements might be changed in the...
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    What is Trading Psychology?

    What is trading psychology?
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    How to learn to trade?

    To get started, you must first comprehend what you are trading. New traders have a tendency to jump in and trade anything that moves. They may utilise huge leverage and trade in both directions at random, which can result in significant losses.
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    Track your trading performance

    Often trading is considered to be simple or somewhat straightforward. But in truth there are a lot of intricacies associated with proper trading, and seasoned traders are fully aware of the importance of keeping an eye on their trading performance. While some traders keep a trading journal or a...
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    Risk Reward Tool

    Risk Reward Tool is script for trade and risk management by the panel and lines visible on the chart. The panel allows to draw and move trade lines on the chart: open price, stop loss and take profit line (with chosen color and style). EA calculates for them Risk Reward Ratio and possible...
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    Free Trade Copier

    The professional Trade Copier tool works with all accounts running on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. It will allow you to copy your positions between them as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The tool is extremely easy to use. It was designed by a team of experts in the field...
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    Forex is important for students!

    You can't do forex business if you want to. And you can do share business if you have money but you will do a lot of damage. Because we know that many people are doing share business now with their hands on their heads. You can do business. And if you don't learn forex, you will lose. I think if...
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    Forex VS Crypto?

    What are the difference between Forex and Crypto trading?
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    What are the best Tips of Forex Trading?

    Tips for successful Forex trading - Choose Your Broker Wisely - Take Control of Your Emotions - Stress Less - No Risk, No Success - Psychology is Key - Use Stop-Losses - Define Your Goals and Choose a Compatible Trading Style
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    Knowldge and experience make you perfect

    Knowledge and experience make a successful in forex business,not only a fox business knowledge and experience used I think about my experience knowledge and experience both are used in almost all field of life in the world,so we must try to increase our knowledge experience before we can start...