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Recent content by Randiall

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    Free Forex Signals

    The Free Forex and Crypto Signals that offering are exceptionally helpful data which can greatly support you in your trading. You will be able to find information about expected fluctuations in exchange rates of various currency pairs, and as a result, it will be much easier for you to make well...
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    Free Harmonic Patterns Indicator

    Free Harmonic Patterns is an indicator which displays up to 7 types of patterns (ABCD, bat, butterfly, gartley, shark, crab and deep crab) detected on higher timeframe charts (H1-D1). Each pattern might be turned on/off on the panel on the chart and all visual elements might be changed in the...
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    How do you spend your weekend?

    I mostly prefer to spend my weekends with my family.
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    Risk Management In Forex (I)

    Risk management is very important, but manually calculations takes a lot of time, this risk reward ratio tool is available for free and help you manage the risk. Download version for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and start to use without limits. Fxmerge offer more free tools, just check it.
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    Free Trade Copier

    If you are using the old version for MT5, please download the latest version from the website. Simply log in on the website and download the copier from there. https://fxmerge.com/free-trade-copier-mt4-mt5
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    News trading

    Because markets react in response to news, economic data is frequently the most important driver of short-term changes. This is especially true in the currency market, which reacts not just to US economic data but also to global news.
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    What is Trading Psychology?

    What is trading psychology?
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    To be a professional funded trader

    Only knowledge and skils can help you to become a good trader.
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    Forex is stressful

    Yes, Forex trading can be quite stressful for me. Especially, when some long-term trade fails after working perfectly for quite some time. Luckily, at least a part of the stress can be removed from trading by adhering to prudent money management and position sizing techniques.
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    Which trading should do?

    If you want to make a good profit in the market then you need to apply your trading per market indicators because if you apply market indicators then you need to be able to recognize the market trend and make a good profit. If you want to be successful in the market then you need to do proper...
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    Know Yourself

    Forex is a very risky business and it is not for all. Only people with experience and knowledge can survive and make money.
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    what Bonus is profitable ?

    I think no deposit bonus would be a good opportunity for making good money.
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    How to learn to trade?

    To get started, you must first comprehend what you are trading. New traders have a tendency to jump in and trade anything that moves. They may utilise huge leverage and trade in both directions at random, which can result in significant losses.
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    Emotions in the process of work should always be paid attention. For work, this is an extremely important aspect for work.
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    Will you quit trading if you have health challenges

    Yes, if it will affect my health then I will consider to quiet.