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Recent content by Oscar Shumack

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    Bitcoin is now up to 4000$! Buy trend?

    It will increase more.
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    MT4 and MT5 Comparison - Which one is better?

    I think MT5 is the best as it is the newest version.
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    How many pips per day?

    It depends on the trading strategy of a trader.
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    Finding correct ways

    You should research the market properly to become successful.
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    It is not possible to get a certain percentage

    To make this, you need proper planning.
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    Trade management

    Proper risk management is very important to make a good trading career in this market.
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    Trading for living

    This is the best platform to earn your livelihood.
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    Passion is Important for anything.

    Without passion, you never get success in this market.
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    News In Forex Trading

    New traders should be careful about news trading.
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    Which is better Binary options or Forex trading?

    I think forex is the best option to make money if you have enough knowledge and skills about trading.
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    Taking a good forex book

    You can learn forex from a demo account.
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    Do you think that Forex can affect your daily normal activities?

    I don't think forex can affect the normal activities.
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    Are you happy with the profit that you earn from Forex?

    I want to earn profit as much as I can from this market.
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    How Often Do Professional Forex Traders Actually Trade?

    Professional traders always try to make money with their experience and knowledge.