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Recent content by luckypig

  1. luckypig

    Trading as profession

    yes its vital not to hurry to make profit.
  2. luckypig

    Trading as profession

    about skills I agree, but about experience is unecessary. if you are well trained you can make money from first day
  3. luckypig

    Trading as profession

    and most important, discipline and a big capital.
  4. luckypig

    Best Leverage for Newcomers

    with a -1% say good bye to your capital. max leverage is 50 and only if you have lots of balance in your account. leverage is used when a new opportunity arises.
  5. luckypig

    Which Forex Trading Strategies are the best?

    Me I am using indicator based trading system.
  6. luckypig

    Trading with the trend

    yes but in sometimes it crashes! you have to use correct indicators, and however, they are still not reliable.