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    Order Type in forex

    Market Order is the simplest and fastest order to use. It is immediately used to buy and sell at the best market price or above. A limit order is used to open a trade position at a higher price than the current price. The main advantage of this is that traders can enter the market if the price...
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    Foreign exchange market

    Foreign exchange is an acronym for Forex. In other words, it is a market where people all over the world exchange currencies. The FX market is where you can make speculations by using the price fluctuations of several currencies in the world and make profits by using the differences in...
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    Intraday trading

    Intraday trading focuses on daily price movements, which usually means that the trading opens and closes on the same day. Major trading sessions are usually where most of the price action takes place, so that time, you should focus on the market. Trading this way takes more time and effort, but...
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    No strategies can help you

    Emotion in forex trading is the reason why so many traders lose money in the markets. Once you start trading emotionally, it is challenging to back out of it, because it is a psychologically reinforcing problem that traders cannot shake off unless they completely stop trading on for some time...
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    Trading education is must for each and every Forex trader. If you are new then start learning at the demo account which is free from all cost and loss. Moreover, the demo account gives best knowledge about Forex market. At ForexChief broker I have tried their demo trading account, where I have...
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    How many trades per day?

    Currency pair divided into four categories. Seven currencies that account for 80% of world forex trading including EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF called major pair. Minor pair often have major currencies playing against each other instead of the US dollar like EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, GBP/JPY...
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    It is not possible to get a certain percentage

    Fundamental analysis is a method of assessing the intrinsic value of the currency to analyse factors that may affect future prices. It is based on external events and impacts, financial statements and trends in the forex market. Basic analysis is one of the two main methods of market analysis...
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    Which one app is best for forex trading?

    Forex trading, also known as FX trading, is the conversion of one currency into another. Moreover, it is one of the most actively traded markets in the world, with individuals, businesses and banks contributing an average of $5 trillion in daily trading volume. Depending on the amount of...
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    Never try to assume

    Managing losses is also very important in Forex trading. The trader should analyze what causes the loss. After analysis, you can modify or change the trading plan. One of the biggest signs of successful traders is not repeating the same mistakes. In my opinion, it's easy to learn from your own...
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    Risk in trading

    Trading FX with very little money offers little flexibility in trading style. Your personal trading style will ultimately determine your income potential. However, what you put in and what you get is very important in terms of what is the minimum amount to start a forex trade. Therefore, the...
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    some tutorials.

    Position trading is a common trading strategy in the forex market. A position trader is also called long time trader. These traders hold the trade for a very long time. They hold the trade for weeks, months, many years in some cases. They use global trends by using fundamental analysis and also...
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    Trading psychology

    If you have the idea of starting a career in forex trading, you should know about the forex market, how different things affect the whole market. A trading plan is also essential in forex trading. If the whole goes according to plan, you will probably invest a lot of money, begin to doubt...
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    forex is not easy to win.

    Forex trading isn't the life-changing thing. Trading is business, and success in business depends on how you manage your work. This is a fairly simple approach to making money from a small capital. It's not like you invested $100 in Forex trading and made it $200 within a month. That's not true...
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    MT4 and MT5 Comparison - Which one is better?

    MetaTrader is very popular because it has a great deal of freedom and can be independently configured as a trader. It offers a lot of indicators and analytical tools. In addition, you can insert and program your own tools. My broker ForexChief also offer me MetaTrader platform which I can use on...
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    Best Broker for Scalping

    With so many brokers in the world, choosing the good one can be difficult. Financial stability, safety and proper regulation are important to choose a good forex broker. This information should be available on the broker's website. Many brokers are regulated in countries with weak guidelines to...