- Minimum deposit is only 5 USD
- Floating spread from 0.2 pips
- No requotes
- ECN account
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- Competitive Pricing & Leverage
- Great Money Management Services
- Free VPS Hosting
- Best Offers in Forex
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  1. Anyone encounter SL problem with FXPRIMUS ?
    Recently I set a SL & it hit more than my SL… 50 pips more

  2. I like to trade at night when I get home from work. I find Fx Primus customer service excellent and their no hassle investment methods are helpful. I am pleased so far.

  3. fxjuanito says:

    I am pleased with my experience at Fxprimus. I invest and sometime I make money, sometimes I don’t. I don’t blame them when I loose money :) Fast order execution and good customer support.

  4. It maybe a medium sized broker with just a few years of experience but they mean business in such a competitive market.

    I was introduced to Fxprimus by a friend. Good customer service with solid education system lead by their Singaporean Director Mario Sant Singh. Kudos!

  5. Been trading for only half a year. Quite a reliable broker as I can count of them when I contact them whenever I have problems with my trade.

  6. supersonicfx says:

    One of the most popular and reliable broker in the Asia Pacific now thank to to their brand ambassador and Director of Education Mario Sant Singh!

  7. reedconnor says:

    The reasons why I chose FXPRIMUS:

    1. fast execution, minimum or no slippage
    2. reliable support team
    3. minimum deposit (as I’m a small trader)
    4. the presence of the broker in my country
    5. social media presence (with no rubbish posts)
    6. most importantly it doesn’t trade against me!

    These are just a few points that are important to me.I think FXPRIMUS has what other brokers don’t offer – educational approach, something like Babypis. You don’t want a broker that can’t wait to make you spend on them, you want a broker that spend their time and effort on you first before you are ready to start trading.

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