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  1. Hanson Raymond says

    That is very true but sometime I do get myself confuse and ask myself why the broker is acting prior this way with their support I can remember when I started trading back then I chose them but when I had problem they hardly resolve it for me and I did not have anything to do than for me to quit them up.

  2. Indonesia Trader says

    There have complain around but I think every business does have complain. I traded with FXCM for few months and the spread is not bad and affordable, actually it’s slower compare with other brokers I also have trading account.

    If there have another good point then it’s pro support service, I like their live chat service thou it’s a bit hard to get connect, so many people need support I think.

  3. Aman, Malaysia says

    FXCM is well-known broker, they famous and regulated but I am not really happy with them! If you want to go with this broker then trading station platform will be a better choice, don’t try MT4 as the connection is really bad!

    Be noted that the spread is really at above 2 pips in most time. They are not scam for sure but they stink!

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