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  1. John says

    On the forums often write any crap.
    Only positive about First National Innovatoin Brokers. Especially because governed by the laws of New Zealand.

  2. cornell says

    Most of the bad comments are gone. I suggest you get feedback from actual clients or talk to the company yourself. Dont blindly believe what you see on blogs. FNIB are a reputable company that insures its clients. Their web site is www.firstnationalib.com

  3. MIchael says


    It seems FNIB own that domain name.
    That’s not going to fill anyone with confidence.
    This makes them look even worse.

  4. Cornell W. says

    FNIB is a good company, I dealt with them personlly. I had a 5 figure account with them and no problems getting my cash. The bad press was planted by their enemies, not real clients. Its obvious. Read www.swiftcointalk.org

  5. MIchael says

    Would not touch these guys.

    Just too shady.

    There a re a lot of bad press on forums and blogs about their activities, and it looks blatant.

    Do your due diligence, and google it.

  6. John says

    FNIB became one of the first ones, who offered his clients to use e-currency – Bitcoin – to put money to tranding accounts. For two years of work we heard only positive fedbacks from our real customers.

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