- Minimum deposit is only 5 USD
- Floating spread from 0.2 pips
- No requotes
- ECN account
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- Great Money Management Services
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  1. manuel says

    Hello to all

    does anyone knows about this broker use a dedicate server on the middle of germany.. please check the ISP provider
    and all managed accounts and prices and injected and manipulated?
    well they are new broker, at the moment nothing happen… but people from this forum who are satisfied didnt think about this details.. ? NZ regulated.. dedicate server on german.. but not on UK or US new equinix.. ? mmm

    guys. i would like to ask please confirm if Withdraws are ok.. enjoy with them till time they will collapse

    i got some info from bank of Hungary regarding another spam broker case quantum xll. ..
    please take care with perfectofx managed account… if someone here could withdraw money under this management programs just let me know. but i think we have another big scam case

    thanks to all

  2. winuga says

    they currently not offering any promotions, they have their own platform instead of using mt4 platform but we need deposit $1000 minimum deposit to start trading with 3tg palatform while mt4 account we may deposit as low as $1 only for cent account so i decided to use mt4 just curious to try their services.
    like many other new forex broker their services seem good, their spreads low as low as 0.6 pips on eur/usd and no requotes found yet…but i do not know if there any spread widening or not on news release, i contact live support and get fast response for withdrawal condition they said we must verify our account first before they process our request

  3. Dimitri Demyan says

    I’m very satisfied with this broker. The spreads are good, there are a lot of platform, and the execution is fast.

  4. Chuck Donnell says

    Transactions can be a bit faster, but this is a good broker. I haven’t got any problem with my account,they are very helpful and they ask my questions very fast.

  5. Hanson Raymond says

    I just open an account with 3gt to start up my trade and also I do hope that many traders will also try their best and Join the program because the services which they offer is very good and excellent here all I can do is to keep watching as they get improve.

  6. Karunakar says

    They are good in managing the clients account and they will provide with all facilities for the clients what they want . I am sure that newbie traders and experienced traders will be satisfied with them , but professional traders will be expecting some thing more from them .

    Every things is fine with 3tg-fx but the money withdraw system is bit slow , you will get paid for sure but it will be taking some time .

  7. Andrej says

    I have a managed account at 3tgfx and it has it’s ups and downs, but it’s performing well. I like it so far. Their customer support is good enough, they get the job done.

  8. RuyBustos says

    They are new on the market, but I haven’t experienced any amateurism on their part. All their accounts are ECN, which is good for me. Their live chat is friendly and usually they answer your questions fast.

  9. Ivan85 says

    Other than the little bit slow transaction speed (you get your money so no worries, it just takes a few days) I can’t say anything bad yet about this broker.

  10. Houdek007 says

    This broker seems all right, everything works as it should for now. Though I’ve only beed trading at 3tg since january and they are new on the market. We’ll see how good they are, but for now my experience is good.

  11. Falk says

    In my book , 3tg is a good broker. Though my experience is only a few months with them, I don’t have anything bad to say about them. Maybe transactions could be a little faster.

  12. David says

    There are no minimum deposit anymore. I might add trading with them i did not received any reqoute. Traded 2 months live til now.

  13. GeorgeM says

    After trading with them for 3 months here is what I experienced:

    Execution speed is good, never had a requote. Only had to use their customer service once, they were friendly and they were able to resolve my problem. Spreads are okay, but swaps could be lower because I usually stay in positions for more than a day. Another plus for me that I can trade indexes. So all in all they seem to be an okay broker in my book.

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