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Why us

  • Large Forex brokers listing site with detailed information about Forex Brokers, Forex bonusForex Competitions, press releases, includes Forex forum for member discussion.
  • Cost-effective manner, easy manage your advertising campaign with monthly rate.
  • High levels of exposure – 100% monthly traffic, no rotation.
  • Custom advertisement package for your needs.

Adverting Rate (January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016)

1. Site-wide banners advertising

If the position is not available at the moment you can book it today and your ad will show up on next available day.

  • All banners advertising (from spot #1 to #5) are non-rotating and site-wide;
  • Minimum 3 months contract unless otherwise noted.
  • There have only one banner on each spot and the banner will show up on homepage, every post and page, includes homepage.
PositionSizeMonthly Price (USD)Next available on
#1 Header728×90700available now
#2 Leaderboard980×60/728×90600available now
#3 Sidebar250×250500March 8, 2016
#4 Sidebar250×500450available now
#5 Footer logo100×33200 (minimum 6 months)available now

2. Featured Broker Listing


  • The listing for your company will be featured (stickied) at all relevant categories, homepage and under each individual post.
  • Sticky your discussion thread in Brokers Discussion Forum.
PositionMonthly Price (USD)Next available on
1st position750April 8, 2016
2nd position650April 3, 2016
3rd position600May 26, 2016
4th position550available now
5th position500available now

Accept .jpeg, .gif., .png. (Max File size: 40K). Animated allowed but no Flash.

Accept: MoneyBookers, WebMoney and bank transfer.

Contact email: Hoang Long <hoang.long@digitalcashpalace.com>

Terms & Conditions

– DigitalCashPalce.com does not sell advertising via third parties.

– We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any sponsoring websites.

– We guarantee fixed prices and advertising spots of the purchased advertising for the period prepaid by Advertisers.

– We take payment up-front for all ads. All payments are final, no-refund.

– Advertisers take full responsibility for advertising materials and any other advertising instruments such as banners, text ads, logos.