RoboForex | up to 115% New Year bonus

Expired/ Ended

Promotion period: December 8, 2014 – January 11, 2015.newyear-bonus-banner

Bonus: up to 115% bonus on any deposit during promotion period.

Available to: all clients who passed the complete verification.

To get: deposit a minimum $300.

Withdrawal condition:

  • Bonus funds can be withdrawn from the account without any limitations only after you fulfill all requirements of the bonus program.
  • Until all requirements of the program aren’t fulfilled, you are allowed to withdraw only the profit.

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SourceRoboForex | New Year bonus up to 115% for RoboForex clients

Forex Broker Inc | 15% Loyalty Bonus for Trusted Clients

Expired/ Ended

Promotion Period: December 1 – 31,  2014.Forex Broker Inc logo

Bonus: 15% recurring bonus, up to $1,000.

Available to: existing US clients only.

To get: re-deposit at least $100

Withdrawal condition: for trading only and cannot be withdrawn.

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SourceForex Broker Inc | 15% Loyalty Bonus for Trusted Clients

Forex Broker Inc | Christmas Forex Freeroll Tournament

Expired/ Ended

Contest period: December 8 – 19, 2014.Forex Broker Inc Freeroll  Tournament

Available to: US and Japanese clients only.

To participate: register via contest page

To win: get largest accumulated gross profit

Prizes: Pool Prize $10000 and a Samsung Note 4,also 15 top competitors will be rewarded as follows; 1st-$2500, 2nd-$1500, 3rd-$1000, 4th-$800,5th-$700,6th-$600, 7th-$500,8th-9th-$400,10th-11th-$300,12th-15th-$250.

Withdrawal condition: for trading purpose only and cannot be withdrawn.

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SourceForex Broker Inc | Freeroll Forex Tournament

Freeroll Forex Tournament Terms and Conditions

Once you have created your account on our landing page, you will receive an email from our Marketing Department with confirmation that you have been registered in our Free Roll Forex Tournament. 

1. To participate in the Freeroll Forex Tournament you have to register for the contest providing the details requested (first & last name, valid working telephone number (enabling our account managers to contact you), and email address, and be over 18 years old)). All details provided during the registration process should be correct (i.e. full name details to match the proof of identity, and proof of residence provided etc.), otherwise the participant/winner will be disqualified from the Freeroll Forex Tournament.

2. Only US or Japanese residents can participate in the Freeroll Forex Tournament.

3. By participating in the Freeroll Forex Tournament you acknowledge that you have read, and agreed to be bound by, these terms and conditions as well as to Forexbrokerinc Terms and Conditions. The participants cannot open any trade until tournament started. 

4. Trading rules:

a) Account used for the tournament will be the Platinum Variable.

b) Initial Virtual Balance $7000

c) Leverage 1:500

d)Trading options: Webtrader, MT4, Mobile Trade

e) Hedging and scalping is allowed ( FIFO Rules not applied )

f) Stop out 20%

g) No limit trade order

h)Minimum trade volume 0.01

i) Maximum trade volume 20

j) EA, Robot allowed

5. Each participant in the Freeroll Forex Tournament can only register once.

6. A participant can be disqualified from the Freeroll Forex Tournament in case he/she meets any of the following factors:

a. A participant used fraudulent details during the registration in the Freeroll Forex Tournament

b. A participant has more than one Freeroll Forex Tournament Demo account;

7. The Forexbrokerinc Freeroll Forex Tournament will commence in specific date and time.

a. Forexbrokerinc will accept only the participants that have registered for Freeroll Forex Tournament Demo Account during the above mentioned dates, inclusive.

b. At the end of the Freeroll Forex Tournament, Forexbrokerinc will automatically close any running/open trades at the last quoted price of the forexbrokerinc’s MT4 trading platform.

8. The Freeroll Forex Tournament winners will be decided by the following (in order of importance).

a. Percentage in Profit;

Percentage of Profit = (Total Net Profit / Initial Deposit) x 100

b. Percentage of Relative Breakdown;

Percentage of Relative Breakdown = the difference between highest (H1) and the lowest (L1) peak of the day as a percentage = [(H1-L1)/H1] x 100

c. Profit Factor;

Profit Factor = Gross Profit / Gross Loss

For instance:

- at the end of the contest period, Forexbrokerinc will look at the percentage in profit which this will determine the winner.

- In case 2 persons have the same percentage in profit then Forexbrokerinc will look at the percentage of relative breakdown to identify the winner.

- If percentage in profit & percentage of relative breakdown is the same then Forexbrokerinc will look at the profit factor to identify the winner;

- If all above mentioned factors are the same for clients then the said clients will have to share the given award prize.

9. For the award prize to be added into the winner’s trading account, the winner will have to:

a. provide the required documentation (i.e. proof of identification and address) to Forexbrokerinc; the details provided during the registration in the Freeroll Forex Tournament have to be the same with the details in the documentation provided;

b. his real account application has successfully been verified by Forexbrokerinc.

c. provide the login and password that was initially sent by Forexbrokerinc to the contest participant when he/she registers for the Freeroll Forex Tournament account by sending such details to Forexbrokerinc at [email protected];

10. The participant acknowledges and authorizes Forexbrokerinc to announce the daily results of the Freeroll Forex Tournament Contest at its website, including each participant’s name.

11. Forexbrokerinc will credit the winners’ accounts within the first business day after the tournament has ended.

12. By winning Freeroll Forex Tournament prize, the winners accept that will participate in various promotional events that will be publicly announced in various websites, including the Forexbrokerinc website. Promotional events, including, but not limited to, listing announcement of their full names, prizes received, etc.

HotForex | Festive Demo Contest

Expired/ Ended

The HotForex Free-For-All Holiday Tournament offers traders a Demo Account with a virtual starting balance of 20,000 USD and the chance to win one of 10 Cash Prizes from a prize pool of 8,500 USD plus other gifts.

Registration Period: 1 December 2014 – 11 January 2015.HotForex festive Free-For-All Trading Tournament

Trading Period: 12 January 2015 – 30 January 2015.

Available to: All clients with funded and approved accounts.

To participate: have at least one single deposit at least $150 between October 1, 2014 and January 11, 2015.

To win: get highest profit return.

Prizes: Trade to Win ($8,500 + Gifts)

  • 1st Place $2,500 + iPhone 6 Plus
  • 2nd Place $1,500 + iPhone 6
  • 3rd Place $1,000 + iPad Air
  • 4th Place $800
  • 5th Place $700
  • 6th Place $600
  • 7th Place $500
  • 8th Place $400
  • 9th Place $300
  • 10th Place $200

Withdrawal condition: contest prize is for trading purpose only and cannot be withdrawn.

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SourceHotForex | Festive Demo Contest

ICM Capital | December 2014 Demo Championship

Expired/ Ended

Registration period: November 2 – November 29, 2014.ICM Capital October 2014 contest

Contest period: November 30 – December 26, 2014.

Available to: all clients.

To participate: open demo account via contest page during registration period.

To win: get highest equity.


  • 1st place winner: 2,000 USD credit bonus
  • 2nd place winner: 1,400 USD credit bonus
  • 3rd place winner: 600 USD credit bonus

Withdrawal condition:

  • credit bonus is for trading purpose only and available for 31 days.
  • If withdrawals are made within 31 days of the bonus being credited, then the credit bonus will also be removed.

Note: No ”scalping” or “sniping” or “hedging” allowed.

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SourceICM Capital | December 2014 Demo Championship


FXTM | Forex Factor Demo Contest

Expired/ Ended

Prove your skills as a trader by joining the FXTM Forex Factor, a risk-free demo trading contest run by forex broker Forex Time (FXTM), where you will be competing against other forex traders from around the world for the chance to win $3,000 in a live trading account.

Registration period: October 31  – December 12, 2014.

Forex Factor Demo Contest logo

Starts: December 1, 2014.

Ends: December 12, 2014.

Available to: all clients.

To participate: open demo account via contest page during registration period.

To win: get highest return at the end of the contest.


  • 1st  – $ 3,000
  • 2nd - $ 800
  • 3rd – $600
  • 4th – $400
  • 5-8th – $200

Withdrawal condition: trade required lots.

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Source: FXTM Forex Factor Demo Contest

MFX Broker | $20000 prize fund – MFX Birthday tournament

Expired/ Ended

On the occasion of the 8th Birthday of MFX Broker the company invites all the clients to participation in the festive tournament “MFX Birthday”! The tournament will be held on ForexStars.

Contest period: November 3 – December 3, 2014.MFX Broker Birthday Contest

Available to: all.

To participate: open special contest account “MFX Birthday” and deposit $50.

To win: get largest deposit at the end of the contest.

Prizes: $20,000 to 10 winners.

1st place – 8000 USD
2nd place – 5000 USD
3rd place – 3000 USD
4th place – 2000 USD
5th place – 1000 USD
6th place – 500 USD
7th place – 200 USD
8th place – 100 USD
9th place – 100 USD
10th place – 100 USD

Withdrawal condition: will be available for withdrawing by request via ForexStars personal area.

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SourceMFX Broker | $20000 prize fund – MFX Birthday tournament

TenkoFX | 30% deposit bonus

Expired/ Ended

Update: The 30% bonus promotion will be terminated soon, since the allocated bonus budged is close to be depleted. TenkoFX will not be offering 30% bonus after the 31th of October. Amounts that have been issued before and on this date will remain active and will not be cancelled.

Dates: until October 31, 2014.

TenkoFX deposit bonus

Available to: all clients.

To get:

  1. Open an account (login if you already have)
  2. Deposit a minimum $10 into your trading account
  3. Confirm your participation in the bonus program

Withdrawal condition:

  • Trade required lots.
  • No withdraw may be made before complete the condition, otherwise the bonus will be removed.

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SourceTenkoFX | 30% deposit bonus


01 Please, note that terms of the promo campaigns are subject to change. It is the obligation of the client to ensure that up to date terms are reviewed. (current version as of 18.09.2014)

02 Your identity has to be verified via TenkoDESK, otherwise the traded lots would not be counted towards the release of the bonus as per clause 04

03 The bonus is available to all traders who have a USD trading account using the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform.

04 In order to withdraw /relase a bonus you must achieve a trading volume equal to or exceeding the bonus amount divided by 4.
Example: You have received a USD $300 bonus. To withdraw it, your trading volume must be at least USD $300 / 4 = 75 lots.

Each transaction has to satisfy the following criteria:
a. Only closed transactions count
b. Trade has been on the market longer than 60 seconds.
c. The difference between the open and close price is bigger than MTP requirement for respective instrument as per the table.



Mesured in points
av. 10.38
FX major
av. 2.05
FX minor
av. 28.64
av. 0.73

05 You can monitor the required and qualified amount of lots via TenkoDESK trading account journal.

06 Bonus money does serve as additional margin against Margin Call and Stop Out trigger. However, the bonus will be cancelled and all positions closed when the Balance (not Equity) falls below the total currently active bonus amount.

07 If you have already received a bonus and make a further deposit to your account (requesting another bonus), TenkoFX will check whether you have fulfilled the terms & conditions for the prior bonus. If the bonus terms & conditions have not yet been fulfilled, the bonus amounts will be added together. In order to withdraw the bonus funds at that point you will need to achieve a trading volume based upon the aggregate bonus amount. The amount will be shown upon the deposit of funds into the account.

08 No funds may be withdrawn from the trading account until the trading volume terms & conditions have been fulfilled, otherwise the bonus will be automatically written off the account.

09 As a temporary supportive measure TenkoFX accrues partner commissions on the bonus amount in a 100% proportion.

10 The maximum amount of bonus entitlements on all trading account is USD 1,000. Bonuses that have been released as per condition 06 don’t count against maximum bonus amount limitation.

11 Upon detection of fraudulent transactions with bonuses, TenkoFX reserves the right to withdraw all bonuses from the client’s account without prior notice or without giving reasons.


RoboForex | +105% bonus for deposit from $300

Expired/ Ended

RoboForex company offers bonus up to 105% on any deposit via any payment system available in live account. The offer available until December 7, 2014 for any deposit from $300.RoboForex 105 Bonus

Bonus: up to 105% bonus for any deposit, up to $5,000 per account.

Period: 27.10.2014 – 07.12.2014 (UTC+3).

Available to: all clients.

To get: deposit a minimum $300 and choose bonus level from 10 – 105%.

Withdrawal condition:

  • No limitation on profit withdrawal.
  • Trade required lots = (Total amount of Bonus in USD) to withdraw the bonus

SourceRoboForex | +105% bonus for deposit from $300

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Orbex | Share & Win $500 “Social-Kick-Start” Campaign

Expired/ Ended

Share the latest Orbex video for a chance to win a shared of $500 to live trading account. The second round starts on October 16, 2014.

Promotion period: October 16 – November 16, 2014.Orbex social network campaign

Available to: all.

To participate: watch and the video and share the post with Hashtag #UpgradeForex.

To win: get most shares on social media networks.

Prizes: $500 distributed to 10 winners.

Withdrawal condition: trade 5 lots.

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SourceOrbex | “Social-Kick-Start” Campaign Share & Win $500[Read more]

FXCM (Myfxbook) | MT Demo Contest, $5000 In Prizes

Expired/ Ended

New Myfxbook trading contest on demo account, sponsored by Forex Capital Markets, LLC (FXCM).

Registration period: until November 3, 2014.FXCM logo

Contest period: November 3 – December 1, 2014.

Available to: all.

To participate:

  • open demo account with FXCM UK via sign up form on contest page.
  • Contest account details: $50,000 balance and a 200:1 leverage. No trading allowed before contest starts.

To win: get the largest demo account equity at the end of the contest period.

Prizes: $5,000 to 2 winners.

  • 1st place – $3,000 funded FXCM account.
  • 2nd place – $2,000 funded FXCM account.

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Source: FXCM (Myfxbook) | MT Demo Contest, $5000 In Prizes

FortFS | $15 welcome bonus to all clients

Expired/ Ended

Bonus: $15 welcome bonus, no deposit required.FortFS logo

Period: 14/10 – 14/11/2014.

Available to: all. Clients who get the previous $5 no-deposit bonus can still take advance in this offer.

To get: pass verification procedure and request bonus in “Trader’s Room” during promotion period.

Withdrawal condition:

  • Both bonus and profit are available for withdrawal after 4.5 lots or 450 micro lots traded.
  • Your own funds (fun deposited) and resulting profit can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions

SourceFortFS | $15 welcome bonus to all clients

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Terms of the “Welcome Bonus” program:

1.     Welcome Bonus can be obtained by every client of the company that has passed the verification procedure in the Trader’s Room. At the “Account” section there is a subsection called “Verification”, in which there are two fields: mobile phone verification and verification of personal data. To verify the mobile phone, you need receive an SMS with a code that is then entered in a required field. Next step is the verification of personal data, according to the instructions you need to download documents confirming your identity and registration address (information about which documents must be downloaded, as well as requirements for the quality of these documents, can be found in the Customer Agreement and “Know Your Customer” Policy). After your documents are verified,”Get bonus” button becomes active in the Trader’s room at “Bonus” section under “Welcome Bonus” subsection. After clicking on this button, funds in the amount of $ 15 (1500 cents if your account is Cents account or the equivalent amount in Euros, depending on the currency of your account) will be credited to the trading account.

2.     Welcome Bonus can be obtained at any time starting from 14.10.2014 until 14.11.2014.

3.     Welcome Bonus can be used only once and only for one trading account. Welcome Bonus is not available on the Flex Newbie accounts and on PRO accounts. Unfortunately, your relatives will not be able to obtain the bonus if you have already received it.

4.     To withdraw the bonus and profit made with the help of bonus funds you have to meet the terms of the trading turnover on the account: 4.5 lots for USD or EUR accounts or 450 micro lots for Cent accounts.

5.     You can withdraw your own funds and resulting profit at any time without any restrictions.

Here is an example:

  • You open a real account and get the 15 USA dollar Welcome Bonus.
  • You trade and earn another 5 USD and now your account has 20 USD. However, until the volume of your deals reaches 4.5 lots, you cannot withdraw this profit.
  • Suppose you decide to deposit 20 USD of your own funds into the account. The balance is now equal to 40 USD.
  • After this, for example, you earn another 10 USD, so you made a 50% profit of your own funds.
  • If by this time you haven’t traded the required amount of lots (according to p.4) then you can only withdraw the sum of your deposit (20 USD) + sum of profit and your private funds (20USD+50%). In total, 30 dollars. Whereas if you traded lots of the volume required by p.4, you can withdraw all 50 USD.

6.     Partners are rewarded according to the proportion of clients’ own funds. If the customer’s account is 90% own funds and 10% bonus, you’ll get 90% of the regular commission.


  • A client received a bonus of $ 15 to account and deposited another $285.
  • In this case, the client funds account for 95% of all funds in the account.
  • It turns out that in this case the partner will receive 95% of the standard commission.
  • If you normally receive 65% of the spread, in this example, the payment will be 0.95 * 65% = 61.75% spread, etc.
  • This calculation is used until the customer meets the requirements of paragraph 4.
  • Once the client has met this requirement, the commission as a partner will be calculated in the usual manner.

7.     In the case of fraudulent activities (such as a bonus to one client for several accounts, etc.), the company reserves the right to cancel the account(s) the bonus amount and the profit gained with it without notice.

HotForex | $30 No Deposit Bonus

Expired/ Ended

Bonus: $30 bonus, no deposit required.HotForex-logo

Period: October 15 – December 15, 2014.

Available to: new clients only.

To get: open new account and complete SMS verification process.

Withdrawal condition:

  • no-deposit bonus is for trading purpose only and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Profit can be withdrawn after 1 standard lot traded and complete at least 8 round-turn trades
  • Minimum withdraw is $30, bonus will be removed after first withdrawal request successful.

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SourceHotForex | $30 No Deposit Bonus

GO Markets | 10% Trading Credit Bonus & Instant Rebate

Expired/ Ended


Starts: October 1, 2014.

Ends: October 31, 2014.

Bonus: 10% credit bonus up to $500.

Available to: all clients;

To get:

  • fund your account at least $500 during promotion period.
  • complete an electronic opt-in form on bonus page and e-mail to [email protected]. The promo code is “INSTANT REBATE”

Withdrawal condition: trade required lot to convert credit bonus to cash before 31th of December 2014.

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SourceGO Markets | August 10% Trading Credit Bonus + Instant Rebate

Terms & Conditions:

  • The rebate program is only available from October 1 – October 31, 2014. Any requests before or after the promotion period will not be eligible to participate, unless specifically authorised by GO Markets.
  • The credit bonus is 10% of your original deposit and capped at a maximum of $500 (or your account currency equivalent). This will be credited into your trading account within 24 business working hours after your deposit is received by GO Markets. Please note that ‘Internal Transfers’, ‘Balance Adjustments’ or commissions of any kind will not be considered as new deposits by GO Markets.
  • Note that the maximum trading credit that GO Markets allow in your trading account at any point in time is$500 (or your account currency equivalent). In this instance, any existing credits from GO Markets’ previous or past promotions will be counted towards the $500 maximum. Traders must therefore ensure to trade on their existing credits and have the credits converted into cash before GO Markets can allocate any more credits into the trading account.
  • Traders have until the 31st of December 2014 to convert their trading credit bonus into ‘real equity’. After this date, any remaining credit bonus will be removed from your GO Markets live trading account instantly. Please also note that ‘real equity’ can be withdrawn at any point in time, but any unconverted trading credit cannot be withdrawn as cash.
  • Conversion of trading credit into cash will happen automatically and instantly each time traders have traded the minimum 1 standard FX lot. If traders trade less than 1 standard FX lot, then the cash rebate will also be reduced proportionately. Please note that you are required to monitor the activities of your account to ensure that the equity of your account does not fall below the credit bonus.
  • If the net equity on your trading account is less than or equal to the sum of all trading credit bonus in your trading account, you will be stopped out and trading credit removed. If your trading account is in negative as a result of GO Markets withdrawing the trading credits, you will be liable to cover the deficit in your trading account.
  • These Terms & Conditions are in addition to the GO Markets’ General Terms & Conditions that apply to all of our offers.

JustForex | $5 no-deposit bonus

Expired/ Ended

Period: until 23 September 2014.JustForex welcome bonus

Bonus: $5 bonus, no deposit required.

Available to: all clients who never get bonus before.

To get: open welcome account and verify phone number.

Withdrawal condition: trade 1 lot within 15 days and leave review about the company on related Forex sites.

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SourceJustForex | $5 no-deposit bonus

Welcome Bonus 2.0 rules

1. Only the clients who haven’t received Welcome Bonus to any of their trading accounts earlier can get the Welcome Bonus 2.0.
2. One client can get the Welcome Bonus 2.0 to the Welcome account in the amount of 5 USD only once.
3. In order to get the Welcome Bonus 2.0 the client need to register the Back Office, verify his telephone number and open a Welcome account.
4. Only the profit earned while trading on the bonus funds is available for withdrawal but after the conditions described in the 5 clause of these rules are fulfilled.
5. In order to withdraw the profit the client should fulfill the following conditions:
5.1 To make trading orders with the total volume of 1 lot. The detailed information about the bonus is displayed at the “Received bonuses” page in the Back Office and is updated every 2 hours.
5.2 To post the review about our company which should surely contain the following information: reasons why you choose our company, the number of your Welcome account, the experience of trading with our company, the results of your trading on bonus funds, your impression about working with our company.
6. The following trading terms are available on the Welcome account:
Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:2000;
Minimum order volume: 0.01 lot;
Maximum order volume: 0.02 lot;
The amount of orders which can be opened at the same time: not more than 5;
Trading instruments: currency pairs and metals of the Classic account;
Spreads: floating from 2 pips;
Execution method: Market Execution;
Margin call/Stop out: 40% / 20%.
7. The maximum period to fulfill the conditions required to make the bonus available for withdrawal is 15 calendar days from the moment the bonus funds are received. After the lapse of the named period, in case the conditions described in the clause 5.1 of the present rules are not fulfilled, the bonus will be canceled in a full size, if the Equity of the trading account is more than the bonus size. And in order to make the remaining funds available for withdrawal the client need to deposit any other of his accounts with the amount of at least 50 USD. If the Equity on the trading account is less than or equal to the bonus size, after the lapse of the period to fulfill the required conditions, all the open orders will be closed and the balance of the account will be set to zero.
8. The day before the lapse of the to fulfill the conditions required to make the bonus available for withdrawal the clients will receive the notification about the upcoming cancellation of the bonus.
9. Once the first withdrawal from/transfer of the profit between the accounts takes place, the bonus will be canceled in a full size.
10. In case of a match of IP address or personal data, or other signs of accounts belonging to different clients, such accounts can be blocked and/or bonuses and profits be canceled.
11. The company has the right to cancel the bonus without explanation.
12. No partner revenue share is credited for trading on Welcome accounts.
13. The company reserves the right to change the rules of this promotion without preliminary notice.
14. The promotion is valid till 23/09/2014 inclusively.