Tuesday , September 26 2017
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  1. requotes seems appear many times when trading… i just notice their chart seem weird when market moves bulls fast the bid price line chart will moves while the ask price line chart stays still and that ask price will remain stay just like delay for more than 40 to 60 seconds which make spread widen too high, vece versa when the markets down fast the bid price line chart will stay still while the ask price line chart moves fast making huge spread for a few seconds or minute… i don’t like their system

  2. i like trading in exness mostly because of fast withdrawal reason, this broker offering automatic withdrawal which i could not find in any brokers but sometimes i still got pending withdrawal process took about 4 to 8 hours… most i don’t like that i found here is too many requotes found and their spread widening policy is really annoying, i don’t know why i still trade here maybe it is just because withdrawal process reason keep me here

  3. Exness is a very good broker , the best thing is that the leverage of the cent accounts, i think there are hardly such brokers which provides leverage as high as 2000:1, which will surely help the newbie traders to hold large positions with low margin.

    Well, i think its a great broker with low investment as low as just $1 and the spreads are also very very low so this is a very good sign of a good broker.

  4. That is true I think the payza broker has been successfully giving to you here in this link.
    For me since the broker just have Liberty reserve account am very comfortable with that for sure and now they also support cent account which is the right thing for us to do here which can also aid the newbie trader.

  5. Dear.
    Does this Broker support Payza . I want to open my trade with Payza.
    Please mail me.
    Thank you

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