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Non-Metatrader Forex brokers

Forex Chart

Trading on the financial market has become widely popular during the last few years. The reason is simple – everybody wants to make money. However, is Forex trading as easy as it looks? What broker must we choose? And also what trading platform should we use to execute our trades? …

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An Insight of Forex Trading

Forex trading in very simple words, means the buying of one currency and selling of another one. This process is carried out simultaneously. The currencies in this market are always traded in pairs such as US Dollar/Japanese Yen, great Britain Pound/US Dollar etc. Maximum percentage of the Forex trading is …

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High or low frequency of trading?

Binary Options Trading

The biggest part of retail Forex traders think that being a professional trader means constant attention to the charts all day. In fact this is no true. High frequency trading may easily distract you and actually lead you to stress and frustration. The reason is simple – too many trades …

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How to avoid forex scams

Many new traders are excited about the possibility of making a large profit on the foreign exchange market. While it is true that some savvy investors have made literal fortunes by learning how to trade forex, others have experienced extremely large losses, due to falling prey to forex scams. This …

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Having plan when trading CFDs

CFD trading has become widely popular during the last 10 years and many brokers started offering quite an easy access to the markets. All you need is some $100 and proper ID documents to open a real account and placing trades. Of course, you can increase your revenue but there …

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CFD on Indexes

Contract for differences (CFDs) are great way of speculating on the world financial markets. They are cost effective, easy to trade via Internet and pretty much straightforward instruments. Initially those were invented for large institutional investors, but nowadays are widely spread over the world. With the use of leverage they …

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How does Share CFD trading work?

Trading shares has always been present and many profited from it. Buying and selling shares on a stock exchange, however is a bit time consuming as well as it is not so cost effective, i.e. you have to hire a broker and execute a deal if there is counterparty. Also …

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What is Forex News Trading?

Want to trade news? Interest to know? Then, you can keep reading. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, then feel free to drop me a line. Remember, your success depends on your preparation, and it is true for any trading method! What is Forex News …

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