Tuesday , September 26 2017
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  1. This is scam broker. don’t get cheated with this broker.

  2. This broker is a scam bucket shop, and they don’t use any fancy liquidity providers listed on the fake web page, nor have they ever used any liquidity provider for that matter – just look at the spreads and decide for yourself. AVOID this broker or you lose all your money.This broker is not regulated and certainly not based in the USA, as they try to give this false impression

    • Actually they are based in USA, Massachussets. They have an address there and the phone number too, They try to confuse people by saying – “best trading in India” and so forth. I want to make it very clear that the criminals operate within the USA, however the authorities are not paying any attention.

  3. tradingforliving

    Im always looking at what others post and I have been compelled to post today. These guys at Alpha Trading CM, they’re a good bunch of blokes. I can only speak about myself and my experience and my experience has been very good with them. I would recommend them, and Ive been around the block a bit. Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. So far Alphatradingcm has been very good broker for me. I’ve been trading with this broker for more than one year. Employees are very helpful. This is one of the best top brokers.

  5. This broker are new but they have the best service and i am very happy clients with them. I might not have the best system as other big broker or they certain posses the quality of being a good broker. I highly recommend them, trade with them and you ll know their real service.. All the best

  6. Don’t be fooled with good conditions or like the previous trader mentions that they accept US clients. This is a scam broker who destroyed my account while my terminal was switched off. They manipulated the prices and made fake deals on my account without my knowledge. The amount they stole from me is 77 000 USD. So please think twice before you even contact these scammers.

  7. This broker may be just for the European countries because i found only bank names in the payment methods which are as : Bank of America, Barclays etc these are the famous banks of developed countires. So i think we can say it as broker for the developed countries. Its only one Broker i found which is accepting U.s clients which is a new thing for me. Other brokers are not accepting u.s clients…

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