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  1. They have gone under!

  2. Hi buddies!

    this is really a very interesting and eye-opening video on MT4 Administrator, Manager and VDP in REAL ACTION posted by a guy called ECNJEsus.

    Watch how easy it is for brokers to do the following to rip us traders:

    1. From 0:00-1.15: Using MT4 Administrator to change our trade history in order to fix any mess after Stop Hunting – High, Low, Open, Close, Volume (watch how the candles changed after refreshing between screen time 1:05 – 1:11)
    Jpg images also appended below as it may be difficult to see the change in blitz rate:

    2. From 1:16-2:15: Using MT4 Manager Dealing Desk to Accept, Reject your orders or Create Slippages and to Fill your Orders ony when the broker thinks the price is right to their advantage.

    3. From 2:16-3:26: Using MT4 Manager to Inject Prices and Stop Hunt your trades with a simple click! They’ll then blame it on Bad Liquidity !

    4. From 3:27-4:38: Using MT4 Manager to Modify Orders/Prices – You’ll then get to see a small pop-up window with this message “Do you really want to change Open Price, Stop Loss , and Take Profit on Order ####### ?”

    5. From 4:39-end: VDP in ACTION! Watch how slippages is so easily set!

    So, the next time you see any of these scenarios occurring on your Alpari UK trading platform you should know what has actually occurred. As for me, all that had occurred to my trades with Alpari UK a year ago are now becoming even more obvious.

    I think before I next open any new account with any broker, I’d be asking them to declare not only that they won’t be using the VDP or equivalent, but also MT4 Administrator & MT4 Manager and their equivalent.

  3. alpari is a big forex broker which become principal sponsor of westham united FC
    they are growing bigger and what i like most from alpari is their complete research and tools offers for their clients which can i use to analyse market and compare it with my own analysis.
    averagely they are good but as many other say i found many requotes when trading but it still fine for me

    • ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
      alpari is a big forex broker which become principal sponsor of westham united FC

      Big does not equal to possessing high integrity and honesty by default 🙂

      Doing some form of good deeds also does not equal to possessing a good charitable heart by default, especially so when it is done like a propaganda (advertisement) for the world to know. I can scam $10 mil from the innocents and then announce to the world that I have given $1 mil to the orphanage. Does that make me a saint by default? 🙂

  4. Obvious use of MT4 Virtual Dealer Plugin to trade against their customers.

    Very bad encounters with them!

    Stay away from them!

  5. Overall, Alpari UK is not bad broker and still worth to be a leading broker for me. In most time the spread is slow and easy to deal unless you are trading at high trading volume such as news releases time.

    I’m testing Alpari UK micro account , leverage 200:1 and not news trader.

  6. Hunting Stop Loss and very slow on Take Profit, They use all the way to take clients money. I traded with them but not happy and no longer use them!

  7. Although execution may sometimes be little slow but never saw slippage on stop orders. Spread widening during most busy news releases but I think this happen for all brokers offer variable spread. Their exellent customer support and lightning fast wire transfers are advance points that make me stick with them.

  8. Requotes, requotes, …. and it happen all the time since the broker implementation of 5th decimal system!

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