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AGEA: Up to 30% Loyalty Deposit Bonus

SourceAGEA – Up to 30% Loyalty Deposit Bonus.

Promotion period: year 2017.

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Bonus: up to 30% bonus on each deposit.

Available to: all clients.

To get:

  1. You must claim your Loyalty Deposit Bonus within the first 5 business days from the date of each deposit date.
  2. To claim your Loyalty Deposit Bonus, please send an email to or contact them on support channel.

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Withdrawal condition:

  • Bonus is valid for 6 months since the bonus is credited to your account
  • To withdraw bonus, you have to meet A or B (last 2 columns)
Bonus amount ($)A. Streamster Account
1/5 * (100,000 quantity)
of the bonus amount
B. MT4 account
1/3 standard lots of bonus amount
$120,000 quantity0.33 lots
$1002,000,000 quantity33.33 lots
  • If you meet the bonus withdrawal requirement, bonus can be withdrawn without any limitations, if you do not meet bonus withdrawal requirement, only your own money can be withdrawn, and the same portion of bonus will be removed.

more about AGEA Broker.

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