Tuesday , September 26 2017
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  1. i just curious looking at their website but not so much interesting i could get from there
    this brokers seems not interesting to make any promotions that will attract people trading with them, with so many competitors than i think they should try to making some interesting promotions because honestly their interesting feature only for automated trading using zulutrade and many users admit this broker well connected with zulutrade system… but for manual traders this broker seems not so promising

  2. They also offer one of the best features and can make us trade with good confident and hope.
    This broker is one of the best they support ticket dont even take to be responded to when they got drop withdrawal and deposit are also fast.

  3. Well they are really good and it is directly integrated to zulutrade . i am very much satisfied with this broker . This broker is very professional in terms of account holding and executions . The special feature of this broker is they are offering trade with Energies like oil .

    The another thing we should take about is the client support which is really excellent and they are providing 24/7 service .

  4. They dont give interest on margin

  5. After trying them i now longer wandering why so many users in zulutrade are using them. Lowest slippage and quick executions , no longer i loose pips from slippage.

  6. best combination for zulutrade!! totally recommend it to all.

  7. This broker gives almost no slippage when trading with zulutrade , i am very pleased that i chosed to go with them , great support too.

  8. This broker is the best fit for zulutrade imho…additionally low spreads, no comission for the platform and full refund policy.

  9. I opened an account in AAAfx after many users have told me that this broker integrates best with zulutrade , and since i do trade with zulutrade i followed their advice and here i am reviewing them , i just want to say that everything is going well , all the executions , and whenever i had any quieries the support stuff was very helpfull. 5 stars from me.

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