PAMM Forex brokers

PAMM Forex Brokers - The list of Forex brokers who offer PAMM account for customers.

What is a PAMM Account?

PAMM( Percentage Allocation Management Module or percent allocation money management) is a technical solution that allows trader (PAMM manager) to manage funds on other traders on one live account. If you interest in Forex market but don't have time to trade, or would like to access the high potential profitability by having a skilled investor manage your account - PAMM is a solution.

A PAMM manager can manage simultaneously unlimited quantity of managed accounts on one trading platform. The manager can only trade on the account, no access to investors' fund and therefore, cannot make any withdraw, unless after profit sharing.

All settlement operations (fees, profit/loss distribution, etc) are carried out automatically according to the ratio.

PAMM vs Managed Account

PAMM - A manager can manage simultaneously many managed accounts on one trading platform, profit/loss distribution according to the ratio.

Managed Account - Although an account manager can manage the accounts of other persons at the same time, there is no sharing of gains or losses of other customers. .

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