Dealing With Anger And Emotion After a Losing Trade

Feeling after losing trade

Today’s lesson will be on ways to deal with the emotion you feel after losing a trade. As I’ve said many times before, it is impossible to win every trade you make in the Forex market, trading is a game of odds and we must strive to keep the odds on our side as much […]

The components of a trading plan

Trading Plan

A trading plan can be relatively simple or it can be complex. In forex, a trading plan is essential to traders as it brings routine and calm to the trading process. Using a trading plan, a trader can make better decisions, trade in a more relaxed way, and therefore be more prepared to overcome any […]

Rules for the Commodity Channel Index


The Commodity Channel Index is a technical indicator invented in 1980 by Douglas Lambert. The indicator itself was initially designed to help with engineering problems that dealt with erroneous signals. However, it’s been applied to many other things, including financial markets, and despite its name, the indicator works just as well on Forex as commodities. […]

The rhythm of forex markets

rhythm of forex markets

There are many ways to approach Forex trading and several rely on subjective interpretations of price patterns or computed indicators. Many indicators, however, look at markets in exactly the same way. They look at Forex prices as moving largely independent of time and market signals often occur from similar price movements. Some traders, particularly short […]

A Guide to Forex Spread Betting


Spread betting is a type of derivatives product that enables you to trade on the movements in price of many different financial markets such as currencies, commodities, stocks and indices.  Forex spread betting is a branch of spread betting that specifically focuses on the currency market.  Spread bets can be used to speculate on the […]

Currency Pairs and Spread Betting in Forex

European stocks and the Euro are showing strength against the U.S. dollar as German business provided a much needed cushion for the Euro, which has risen from its funk. Originally down because of Chinese credit restrictions, the Euro jumped to $1.3769 and later traded flat at $1.3726. The daily outlook for the Euro and Pound […]

3 tips for surviving in the markets

Forex Investor

Financial markets are always interesting, never dull, but it could be said that the last few years have been more interesting than usual. The global financial crisis and the response from world central banks has led to financial events making the front pages of world news, when previously, this would not have been the case. […]

How to Trade Forex Like a Sniper


To succeed in the Forex markets, traders need to find the strategy that fits their personality. As well, they need to be nimble and aggressive, picking the trades that offer the most profit potential whilst making sure to minimize the risk of loss. If you look at a number of the Forex systems on the […]

Why Trading the News is a Waste of Time

News Trading

I am sure that throughout your Forex trading career, either short or long, that someone has suggested that you trade the news. Or at least use the economic news to help with your trading. Now I am sure that these people aren’t trying to waste your time but that is exactly what they are doing. Believe it […]

Exotic Options for Diversified Investments

Corn Commodity Price Rise

Investment experts concur that portfolio diversification is financially beneficial. The options market covers a wide array of trading formats that are used by millions of investors seeking to diversify. A large number of the accessible options are referred to as “exotic”.  These include binary options, quantity-adjusting options and Bermuda options, among others. Binary Trading Investors […]

Exchange Traded Binary Options in Perspective

Profit, loss and risk crossword

Novices to the online trading arena have most certainly come across the term binary options. For some, it evokes negative connotations, and for others it is a jackpot waiting to be hit. Some investors are nonplussed by the concept, but everyone recognizes that binary options trading is real, and the profit potential is substantial. To […]

A look into Forex trading and the way it helps in debt reduction

debt reduction

 A look into Forex trading and the way it helps in debt reduction Foreign exchange trading, or forex trading precisely, is a profitable investment option that will help you to get rid of your debts. The trading involves the exchange of foreign currencies from all over the world, in the forex market. You can derive […]

Diversifying Your Income With Binary Options Trading

Gold Dollar

One of the latest trends that have indeed made a significant impact is recent times is opting for multiple sources of income. The reason behind the same is that it qualifies as one of the best alternatives so as to help you in tiding across situations pertaining to financial insecurity. Binary options trading can indeed […]

Forex Insights: spread vs. commission

Forex markets

Forex markets are quickly gaining popularity not only within experienced investors, but also within new and individual investors. Many of those enter the forex markets to diversify their portfolio, and also to take advantage of no commissions charged and low trading costs offed by forex brokers. Even though forex markets provide lower trading costs than […]

Forex Scalping Strategy Explained in Detail

Forex Scalping

Forex is a highly volatile type of trading market. Get more information on how to trade here. You need to have a range of strategies to succeed in such a cut-throat business. There are many ways in which you can involve yourself in the market. One of the most popular ways is through scalping. Forex […]